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1197-1 CUB LANE CASH/PKG$10,00003/17/17For Sale
164-1 LAKE DRIVE CASH/PKG$7,50004/29/17For Sale
2102-2 LAKE DRIVE CASH/PKG$6,00004/27/17For Sale
2112-2 LAKE DRIVE CASH$11,00005/12/17For Sale
2192-2 CEDAR CIRCLE CASH PKG$10,00005/06/17For Sale
2204-2 CEDAR CIRCLE CASH$9,500.05/04/17For Sale
2296-2 HEMLOCK HILL CASH$12,500005/12/17For Sale
2313-2 HEMLOCK HILL CASH$8,00004/01/17For Sale
2351A-2 HUCKLEBERRY HOLLOW CASH$8,50005/18/17For Sale
2483-2 BIRCH BANK CASH/PKG$15,00004/05/17For Sale
25-2 LAKE DRIVE CASH$13,00005/16/17For Sale
2531-2 ALDER AVE CASH$14,50003/25/17For Sale
289-2 LAKE DRIVE CASH$8,50005/20/17For Sale
3B101B-3 EAGLE DRIVE AND PHEASANT LOOP CASH$15,00005/02/17For Sale
3B96B-3 EAGLE LOOP CASH/PKG$18,00004/23/17For Sale
3C13C-3 DEER LOOP CASH$12,500 OBO03/16/17For Sale
3C14C-3 DEER LOOP CASH PKG$10,00005/06/17For Sale
3C20C-3 DEER LOOP CASH13,00005/17/17For Sale
3C22C-3 DEER LOOP CASH/PKG$25,00004/13/17For Sale
3C30C-3 DEER LOOP CASH$10,00004/01/17For Sale
3C51C-3 LYNX LANE CASH$12,00004/01/17For Sale
3C53C-3 LYNX LANE CASH/PKG$15,00003/11/17For Sale
3C7C-3 DEER LOOP CASH$19,50004/01/17For Sale
3D107D-3 ELK DRIVE CASH15,00005/09/17For Sale
3D12D-3 FAWN LANE CASH$10,50003/02/17For Sale
3D32D-3 BEAR LANE CASH$11,99905/23/17For Sale
3D56D-3 FOX LANE CASH PKG19,50005/13/17For Sale
3D84D-3 FOX DRIVE CASH$17,00002/25/17For Sale
3D90D-3 FOX DRIVE CASH$14,00003/31/17For Sale
3D93D-3 FOX DRIVE CASH/PKG$10,00004/20/17For Sale
3E125E-3 FOX DRIVE CASH$12,00005/09/17For Sale
3F202F-3 COUGAR LANE CASH$15,00009/09/16For Sale
3F203F-3 COUGAR LANE CASH/PKG$15,00009/09/16For Sale
3F204F-3 COUGAR LANE CASH$23,00004/29/17For Sale
3F57F-3 ELK DRIVE CASH/PKG$40,00003/18/17For Sale
3F96F-3 ELK DRIVE CASH$39,50002/01/17For Sale

It is required by Lake Connor Park that each new member who wishes to make an offer on a site must first have a background/credit check done prior to any negotiations or offers being made.  The cost is $50.00 per person (anyone 18 years or older who is applying for a membership and the they cannot have any felonies on their record.   This can take up to 7 business days.

All sales listings agreements are for a duration of 6 months

For More Information -- Call Sales Office @ 425-334-5044
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